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Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip
Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip
Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip
Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip
Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip
Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip
Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip
Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip

Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip

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Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip



It can be annoying to face water leaking in through the windows, door or shower screen. The gaps between windows or doors can be an entrance into your house for bugs, insects, dust and sand. Block and seal them off with Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip! It is a strong self adhesive sealing tape that is designed to apply on door gaps and windows to keep the water, draughts, dust, sand and bugs away. Application of this tape is as easy as ABC and it takes literally seconds to complete.

Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip can help stopping draught and water from coming in through the door or window gap. It can also helps on noise reduction and blocking away unwanted lights that travels inside your room through the door and window gaps. It can be applied on most doors and windows to help avoid them from being accumulated with dust, snow, water or sand.

Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip is designed to be the perfect gap sealing tape to help reducing cold winds coming into your house during chilly winter days to keep your room warm. It is made to last for a long time without its color fading off or material aging. You will find out that they are super useful for almost all seasons. Get one now and start sealing off doors gaps, windows gaps or any unwanted gaps!

  • BLOCKS OFF WIND, WATER, SAND AND SNOWIt can be installed on the bottom or the side of the doors or windows to keep wind, water, sand and snow away from accumulating or coming into your house. The sealing tape is solid enough to prevent them from coming in as it seals off the gaps of your doors and windows at home.
  • SEALS OFF THE ENTRANCE OF BUGS AND DUSTThis tape can seal off gaps and holes of your door and window effectively to close the entrance of bugs and insects. It helps to reduce the accumulation of the outdoor dust and sand in your house efficiently.
  • FLEXIBLE AND SAFE MATERIALIt is made of high-quality silicone that is waterproof and flexible. It can be folded and bent to fit different object. The material is environmental-friendly, toxic-free and odour-less. The soft silicone material is safe to be used on most doors and windows as it will not cause any scratch-less on your doors or windows while applying this tape. This tape can be trimmed into any length according to your needs. There will be no sticky residue on the object you applied the sealer on after you removed the sealer.

  • STRONG AND DURABLE TAPEThe tape is built with a thickness of 1.28MM, it can fit snugly in tight areas to seals up the gaps. It is an anti-slip sealing tape so it can be used even during extreme weather. It uses 3M Adhesive that is known to be very sticky and the stickiness lasts for a very long time.
    Christopher J., USA"This sealers works very well as described. Takes up the space between the window and the frame, provides soundproofing as well as blocking the cold air during winter. Very pleased!"
  • WIDE APPLICATIONIt's flexibility to fold into different shapes and be cut into any length makes it easy to apply onto various types of doors and windows.
  • PREVENTS OUTFLOW OF COOL AIRIt blocks up your door and window gaps to help preventing the outflow of cool air in your room. This also helps to reduce the usage and wastage of air conditioner efficiently.


        • MATERIAL:Self Adhesive Silicone
        • COLOR:Translucent / White / Black / Brown
        • LENGTH:5 Meters / 16.4 Feet
        • WIDTH:25mm (0.98 Inches) / 35mm (1.37 Inches) / 45mm (1.77 Inches)


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